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Tech Daily News - Editor 1931



Editor-in-Chief - Gladys Allen   Managing Editor - Richard Hiavka  City Editor - Leonard Tole  Adv. Mng. - Joseph Leistner

Cir. Mng. - Marion McClintock  Home Room Editor -  Eleanor heath  Personals Editor - Juanita Pouty

Reportorial Staff

Arthur Adler, Frank Caminoli, Tom Carrol, Vernon Lamberte, Bill Leggate, Sam Shrago

Volume XX                                            Omaha, Nebraska, Wednesday June 12, 1931                                          page 2



On this, the first day of the summer quarter, two strong elevens are squaring off on the gridiron for the coming decisive championship fray. Speculation is rife as to the probable outcome and the dope is against the home team.  With your support, however, the team has an equal chance to win and nothing is more gratifying than the privilege of giving the dope bucket a good hearty kick.

The captain of the opposing team, Old Sol, plays fullback in this game and is considered practically invincible. moreover, in this city he is to be ably assisted by Humidity and Discomfort who play right and left halves respectively.  With the backfield player, Latent Heat, on the field it will be an imposing array to be sure.  The line is comprised of such seasoned veterans as Nerves, Temper and Poor cooperation, who heretofore have been very dependable players.

Their coach, Mr. Omaha Summers has produced many championship elevens and according to one of the most competent of critics, Meteorologist Robbins has a good chance of repeating this season.

The hopes for the home team, however, are not totally eclipsed by the resplendency of these players, for there is an equally strong team representing Tech this season.  Cooperation has been shifted to fullback and because of his excellent work here in practice games, he has been elected to captain Tech's eleven.  Interest and Good Sportsmanship as halves with Perseverance barking signals should provide worthy competition for the visiting team.  There is nothing dull about the line either, for Pleasure, School Spirit, Scholarship and Citizenship play here and are noted for their splendid work on the field in both offensive and defensive plays.

Come out for the game which is to last twelve weeks beginning today and watch your team fight its way to victory.  It is a strong team but it needs your support. With the proper backing Tech's eleven will come through with flying colors.  You can then scorn the pessimists who desire nothing more than that, you will have lived up to Tech's motto:  "Each for All; All for Each."  And as your reward for supporting Tech's eleven you will receive an Honor Roll Card. Come out for the game! Put your spirit behind the team! And enjoy a very profitable summer quarter.

Volume XX                                            Omaha, Nebraska, Wednesday June 25, 1931                                          page 2



Do you find yourself less interested in your class work, do you have a tendency to become indolent and careless in the preparation of your daily assignments as the summer days come.

If you are one of the very rare persons who do not experience such reactions, the following remarks are not for you to read.

Some people call the above symptoms “spring fever” and resign themselves to their fate; others who are not habitually ambitious experience the feeling and rather than exert themselves, sink still lower.

Students who are above the average as well as the average student are not exempt from this feeling; every one experiences it. We day-dream, our feet lage, and we find ti extremely difficult to concentrate.

It is a natural feeling to have this reaction at this time of the year, abut it takes just the average amount of will-power and determination to overcome this weakness.

Develop that determination and make the summer quarter your best.  

Volume XX                                            Omaha, Nebraska, Wednesday June 26, 1931                                          page 2